Liquid cooling technology



Liquid cooling technology is a cooling technology that utilizes the flow of liquids to quickly take heat away. Liquid cooling applications deal with liquid cooling plates (also called water cooling plate) that are installed onto heat sources. It works together with heat exchangers and pumps to dissipate heat by the circulation of liquid. Under typical conditions, liquid cooling applications are used in an environment with higher thermal energy density that either forced convective cooling or phase change system are not able to meet the required cooling effect.


Vansim Thermal keeps investing on the development of liquid cooling technology. We especially focus on renovating the product techniques for water-cooling products and have acquired several technical patents on the techniques including automatic bending of copper tubes, extrusion dies, pressed tubes, bonding and welding, etc. This allows us to produce more reliable cold plates by welding, greatly reduce the failures such as leaks on the cold plates, and enhance the reliability of the cooling capacity of cold plates. With further processing on the surface of liquid cold plates, we can realize better contact with the heat sources and enhance the cooling efficiency.



Vanism Thermal supplies several types of water-cooling structures for selection:



Water-cooling passages formed by buried tubes + Tube fittings


Water-cooling passages formed by extruded materials + Welding


Water-cooling passages formed by machining + Welding


Water-cooling passages formed by die-casting + Welding