• Vansim (Dongguan)Hardware Products Co., Ltd.


    Vansim (Dongguan) Hardware Produst Co., Ltd locates in Hengli Town, Dongguan City. We are a professional manufacturer combines design, producing and sales for high-power heatsink and different precise parts. 


    Our products include heat pipe heatsink, Liquid cold plate, heatsink modules, skiving heatsink, extrusion heatsink,die casting heatsink, auto parts,cavities, extrusion aluminum parts,CNC machined parts,Precison CNC machining parts  .


    All these products are widely used on high power supply ,inverter ,laser,Smart driving,refrigeration equipment,medical facilities, wind driven generation , New energy vehicle,electronic communication facilities,   different automatic equipment etc.


    We are open to OEM service as well as design & produce precise parts to meet customer’s requirements. 


     Vansim is a young company in thermal and precision industry, but we have professional team with rich experience, advanced producing equipments and precise test facilities. Keep pursuing high precise manufacturing and good quality are our lifelong tasks. 


    “Quality first, Credibility first” are company’s operation philosophy. We will be your reliable supplier with excellent technology and stable quality. Contact us at any time you need us!   





    CAD Design 

    3D Solid Modeling

    2D Manufacturing Drawings

    2D to 3D Conversion



    CFD simulation & analysis

    System, Board and component-level thermal analysis

    Heat sink design and optimization

    Modeling of air-cooling, heat pipes, vapor chamber, liquid cooling etc.

  • Under the action of the upsetting pressure, the material undergoes plastic deformation and flow, and the molecules passing through the interface A solid-state welding method that achieves welding by diffusion and recrystallization.


    FSW Processed Heat Sink

    / Liquid Cold plate

    Friction Stir Welding

  • Skived Fin Machining

    High power thermal applications
    Higher density of fins than the extrusion with any wanted bigger sizes
    Flexible for small order quantity and high requirements

    Bonded Fin Heat Sink

    lThe fins can be skived with high density and as an integrative with the base.

            lFin can be 0.1MM,

            lGap can be 0.1MM

    Vacuum brazing means that the workpiece is heated in a vacuum chamber, and it is mainly used for welding of high-quality products and easily oxidized materials

    Brazed Process

  • Embed Heat Pipe

    Skiving fin or extrusion heat sink with heat pipes embedded at base, designed to dissipate high power at a confined space.



    Capable of precision machining of various metal parts used in industrial applications

    Precision mechanical components both functioning in thermal and structural applications

    Meet high requirements in roughness and flatness

    CNC Machining